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BULK BAG OF ASH LOGS - perfect for wood burning stoves.


Items will arrive in bags and will be emptied out on delivery (bags not included). We use a deposit system on all of our Bulk bags (£5.00). On the first delivery you will be required to pay a bag deposit. You can then keep it and on the next delivery we just exchange your empty bag with a new full one. Please Store bags in a suitable, dry place inside. We will not accept back any bags that are damaged (if this happens the bag will need to be binned and a new one issued). We have found this a very good system over the years and it reduces plastic to landfill. Thank you for your cooperation.


Our Logs should fit most wood burning stoves and the bulk bag gives you logs which are all on average 8-10 inches in length and in widths from 6-15cms with an average moisture content of 20%


We do everything we can to ensure our seasoned Logs meet and do not exceed the quoted moisture content but we can never be 100% accurate and can only give you an approximate moisture content.


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